Filetti di Tonno Capri
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Top-Up Drinks is managing the Studio Gusto Delicatessen online Sales and Pre-Sales inquiries. Orders can be placed directly on the website or by calling us on 07831 62353. 


Filetti di Tonno Capri olio di oliva 200g.

General info:

Top-Up Drinks is delighted to offer for online sale one of the most popular tuna brands from Italy on behalf of Studio Gusto.

Studio Gusto is an Italian restaurant based in the high street of Bromley. They make proper Italian dishes and offer a great menu for all public.

Given the success of the restaurant, the owner decided to open a new Italian deli shop where real Italian products can be bought.

These Italian food products are high quality products which usually tend to be a bit more expensive than the average product. However, paying the difference it worth every penny.

As we all know it is not the same having an Italian  as buying a pizza from Dominos (no disrespect to them). These are not comparable products that people would buy on offer given their fine quality.

Top-Up Drinks is the official Studio Gusto Delicatessen online shop. You can buy these products directly from the website and have them delivered to your door step the following day.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for inquiries, we will be pleased to assist you anytime. If for any reasons we are closed, just use our contact form or email and we will get back to you.