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 Top-Up Drinks is a premium alcohol delivery service in Bromley

Top up Drinks is a family run business based in Bromley. The reason for starting this business is mainly the struggles created with the COVID19 pandemic. We believe that when things become difficult, people must try finding their best way to overcome the situation. I know what you may be thinking "Why alcohol delivery during the night?", well, the answer is that having young children makes it difficult and finding a job to pay for the nursery is very frustrating. Therefore, we decided to look for a business that allows us to have our kids close during the pandemic, manage our time during the day, and work at the same time reducing our expenses as much as possible. Do not get me wrong, this is hard work and has no days off!!!

Top-Up Drinks is a premium business that makes alcohol deliveries in the Bromley borough during the night. Unlike other businesses making premium deliveries to our area, we are based locally and this enables us to have cheaper delivery prices for our local Bromley customers. We also have worked out and compared prices, offers and “delivery promises across all London in just 15 min" made by other businesses (ask yourself, "Is this realistic?) and the truth is that we are cheaper and we have more affordable prices to allow us running our business and make our customers not regretting calling us.  A good example is "I can pop to supermarket and buy pizza, but I am having a great time and I rather call Dominos instead", see? you are paying for a service to make your life easier and you do not regret it because for you it is the right thing to do at that particular moment in time.

This is how we operate, while we charge a premium for drinks, our idea is to provide a top-up for your party without being a rip off but charging a premium service as this is the business category we fall into. Hopefully you can appreciate we are not a convectional delivery service as we open late at night what requires a big effort to stay awake to ensure we support your night and it ends the right way.

Our alcoholic drinks menu available for delivery is growing based on customer suggestions and requests. We currently deliver across the Bromley borough popular Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Wine, Beer (Lager) and soft drinks.

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On the other hand, another important aspect of the alcohol industry and we are aware of is responsible drinking. At Top-Up Drinks we encourage people to drink responsibly and this is a key factor for our operational procedures, we operate following strict policies to ensure people have a good time when they call us and try to make sure we are not causing a problem (See our delivery Delivery Policy). Not only this is the law but we actually believe it.

We have built our business policies to support our customers in the best possible way we can but at the same time we are trying to discourage from ordering people that actually should not be consuming alcohol because they are under the legal age(We operate under the challenge 25 scheme) to buy it or simply they already are intoxicated enough and should actually call it a night (refunds policy). Customers are always welcome to get in touch to learn more about us and see how we can support their party. We have on our website a contact form or you can email info@topupdrinks.co.uk, we will respond to your query between 24 to 48 hours.

In regards to our customer service, we are customer friendly and we will always try to understand the customer perspective of the query and help as much as we can. However, we do have business procedures we need to follow and customers need to understand that our operational procedures are subject to the industry regulations and not following them can translate into losing our business license.

We encourage you to get in touch even if it is to say hi! or simply make a menu suggestion. Satisfying our customers is our main business priorities.

Thank you for reading!!

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