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Top-Up Drinks Alcohol and drinks delivery service is managing the Studio Gusto Delicatessen online Sales and Pre-Sales inquiries.

We offer Margherita Pizza delivery. Orders can be placed directly on the website or by calling us on 07831 62353.

London Borough of Bromley Italian pizza delivery

Ingredients (11 inch pizza)

Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano, Flour

The idea of offering hot pizza delivery in our menu is to allow customers to grab a better bargain than if they called a company advertising via Ubereats or any other third party service.

Third party services do charge commissions to the advertisers which in some cases come to a 30%. The final customer pays the consequence as they see more expensive prices on the menu.

On the other hand, we offer a better quality and cheaper option which allows customers to to obtain a better value for their money.

We are very keen to service our customer to the best of our ability and work hard to exceed their expectations when using a delivery service like ours.

The ingredients used are fresh what means the pizzas are prepared on the spot for immediate delivery. We know other businesses offer frozen pizza but we believe in the real quality experience as long as it is possible.

Italian pizza is not just a bread base with toppings on it. For Studio Gusto restaurant making pizza is an art and they pride themselves for it. The same goes to any other items from the menu.

Not sure if you know but according to history the first person who served Pizza as such in Naples was named Raffaele Esposito. However, before that time, the Italians already sold bread with toppings in the markets.

There also are stories talking about Pizza being invented by the Chinese and Marco Polo came across it during one of his travels to Asia.

Who knows right? worth checking it out to satisfy curiosity